Anton Hur

Writer, translator

The Miuccia Prada Rule

Finding something you don’t like in a manuscript is always super interesting.

Instead of deleting it, interrogate it. “Why do I hate this part so much?” It may lead you down a path where you discover something about the manuscript and, ultimately, yourself.

And because I need to name everything, I call it the Miuccia Prada Rule.

Prada always includes a texture she absolutely hates into her collection—“crochet, for example”—exploring why she hates something so much. It’s always profitable for her.

About Me

I am a writer and translator working in Seoul. I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and raised in British Hong Kong, Ethiopia, and Thailand, but mostly in Korea, where I’ve lived for thirty years. I was awarded the title of Person of Distinguished Service to the Nation after serving in the Korean Army. Repped by Jon Wood at RCW.

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